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#11 | Chris Bangle | Curiosity Is Key


In the 11th episode, we're honored to chat with Chris Bangle, the visionary behind BMW's iconic designs and the driving force of Chris Bangle Associates. We'll delve deep into the intersections of design and empathy, design education, the transformative storytelling power of comics, and even take a whimsical detour into history with the 'Great Horse Manure Crisis.' Join us for a captivating blend of design insights, history, and innovation.

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#10 | Joe Foster (Reebok Founder) | Make Billions, with the White Space


In our 10th episode, we're joined by Joe Foster, co-founder of Reebok. He shares the captivating story of Reebok's inception, its evolution from crafting performance-based shoes to creating versatile streetwear, and how they navigated market changes. We delve into memorable moments, like Shaquille O'Neal's switch to Reebok due to size availability. This episode offers a unique insight into the history and adaptability of a global sportswear titan.

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#9 | Dr. Dennis Vogt | Set Clear Values


In our 9th Episode, we're privileged to host Dr. Dennis Vogt, a renowned marketing and consumer behavior expert. Currently a lecturer at the University of St. Gallen and a Managing Partner at The Transformation Group, he boasts an impressive clientele, including Porsche, MIGROS, and BMW, among others. Dr. Vogt brings his expertise in innovation and brand positioning to our discussion, providing a fresh perspective on the challenges of creating impactful innovations and differentiating brands in today's dynamic market.

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#8 | Iain Thackrah | Writing & Coaching


In our 8th Episode, we welcome Iain Thackrah, a creative mentor with over a decade's experience guiding entrepreneurs in the creative industry. A skilled writer, speaker, and creative generalist, Iain offers a unique perspective on succeeding in the creative world. His profound understanding of the creative process aids in transforming passions into prosperous careers. As a mentor, he supports creatives eager to advance their careers, underscoring the significance of continual learning and growth in the creative realm.

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#7 | Dorothy Fulop | Every Second Counts


In our 7th Episode, we introduce Dorothy Fulop, founder of Pitchcamp Agency, a Level C Certified Brand Strategist committed to propelling entrepreneurs to success. Dorothy's expertise is pivotal in steering brand development, whether handling investor pitches or brand launches. Apart from building successful brands, she has a penchant for hiking, discovering burgeoning startups, and relishing good times with friends and family. Join us as we delve into her impactful work and how she navigates the dynamic world of brand strategy.

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#6 | José Ochoa | Get in the Ring


Our 6th Episode presents José Ochoa, an award-winning Mexican-American entrepreneur, engineer, and business innovation evangelist. He's founded multi-million-dollar companies in the US and Mexico and has been recognized for elevating local suppliers to international business standards. A packaging engineer by training, Stanford University alumnus, and author of the business guide "GET IN THE RING," José is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs with practical growth strategies. His work earned him the 'Exporter of the Year' award from El Paso, Texas.

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#5 | Scott Henderson | Unimpeded Flow


In our 5th Episode, we're thrilled to host Scott Henderson, an eminent Industrial Designer renowned for creating industry-disrupting designs for his global Fortune 500 clients. His unique collection is showcased globally, with over 100 diverse patents. Recognized in exhibitions, award programs, and press, Scott is also a decorated IDSA Industrial Design Excellence Award winner. A prolific writer and speaker, he champions the importance of Design. For Scott, Design transcends the form vs. function debate about big ideas.

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#4 | Lisa Kipps Brown | 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐫𝐮𝐩𝐭 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐍𝐨𝐰


In our 4th Episode, we're excited to feature Lisa, a disruptor in strategic thinking, author, and business pioneer with a knack for solving big-picture problems. Drawing inspiration from her blind father's accomplishments, she honed an unconventional way of thinking. Since starting her web & marketing strategy company in 1996, she has innovatively reshaped businesses, saved companies from bankruptcy, and tripled CARES Act funds for rural communities. Known for her straight talk and transformative strategies, Lisa's a cognitive powerhouse who seamlessly bridges the digital divide.

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#3 | Jeanette & Luis Muñoz | Story listening


In our 3rd Episode, we feature the dynamic duo Jeanette Muñoz Abela and Luis Muñoz Jean Baptiste, co-founders of Bureau 105. Jeanette, an accomplished Director, Architect, and Structural Engineer, brings over a decade's experience in diverse architectural projects and academia, serving on various committees and councils. Luis, a certified Brand Specialist and awarded Graphic Designer, boasts a rich multicultural background and a unique approach to brand identity inspired by vintage horror films. Together, they shape Bureau 105's innovative landscape.

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#2 | Errol Gerson | Stand out an 1/8th of an inch


In our 2nd Episode, we're thrilled to welcome Errol Gerson, a renowned educator teaching Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Business Management at the Art Center for 50 years. Throughout his illustrious career, Gerson has imparted knowledge to over 6100 students and personally mentored over 3000. Besides his teaching, he's an accomplished entrepreneur with a rich history in accounting, business management, and new media. His multifaceted legacy includes co-founding a CPA firm, Cow Interactive, leading New Media at CAA Agency, and spearheading the Gerson Group.

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#1 | Marcus Strijdveen | Be a believer


In our inaugural episode, we introduce Marcus, an experienced executive director in the creative sector. With a 20-year career spanning Brand-Marketing and Business Development, Marcus lends his expertise to firms like Capitola and Media.Monks. He's a trusted advisor to startups and VCs, held strategic roles at global media and ad agencies, and co-founded Upcomers, an accelerator for emerging creatives. His significant contributions also extend to academia and non-profit spheres, signifying his substantial influence in the creative industry.

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Introduction to Conversations with Roberto


Creating better products and brands through empathic Curiosity, Innovation and Insights.

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