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The latest episodes.

#10 | Joe Foster (Reebok Founder) | Finding the White Space and make Billions


In our 10th episode, we're joined by Joe Foster, co-founder of Reebok. He shares the captivating story of Reebok's inception, its evolution from crafting performance-based shoes to creating versatile streetwear, and how they navigated market changes. We delve into memorable moments, like Shaquille O'Neal's switch to Reebok due to size availability. This episode offers a unique insight into the history and adaptability of a global sportswear titan.

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#9 | Dr. Dennis Vogt | Set Clear Values


In our 9th Episode, we're privileged to host Dr. Dennis Vogt, a renowned marketing and consumer behavior expert. Currently a lecturer at the University of St. Gallen and a Managing Partner at The Transformation Group, he boasts an impressive clientele, including Porsche, MIGROS, and BMW, among others. Dr. Vogt brings his expertise in innovation and brand positioning to our discussion, providing a fresh perspective on the challenges of creating impactful innovations and differentiating brands in today's dynamic market.

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#8 | Iain Thackrah | Writing & Coaching


In our 8th Episode, we welcome Iain Thackrah, a creative mentor with over a decade's experience guiding entrepreneurs in the creative industry. A skilled writer, speaker, and creative generalist, Iain offers a unique perspective on succeeding in the creative world. His profound understanding of the creative process aids in transforming passions into prosperous careers. As a mentor, he supports creatives eager to advance their careers, underscoring the significance of continual learning and growth in the creative realm.

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