Creating iconic products and experiences through insights.
By having curious conversations.

The "Conversations with Roberto" podcast guides you to uncover valuable insights to build great Products and Experiences, to have the potential to become Iconic!
I have conversations with leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs who share insights, stories, and advice on crafting exceptional experiences for a better future.
The ultimate goal? To design a better and purposeful future.

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#14 | Think Remarkable | Guy Kawasaki


In our 14th episode of "Conversations with Roberto," dive into a lively chat with the legendary Guy Kawasaki! Filled with laughs and deep dives into his tech and publishing journey, this episode is a treasure trove of insights. From his unique approach to product creation to his witty analogies on venture capitalism, there’s plenty to learn. Don't miss Guy’s tips from his latest book, "Think Remarkable," and why he says you should start planting acorns!

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#13 | Do what Matters | Robert Brunner


In our 13th episode of "Conversations with Roberto," we're honored to host the iconic Robert Brunner, whose groundbreaking work in industrial Design has redefined our everyday experiences. From founding Ammunition and shaping the future for global giants like Polaroid and Adobe to being the creative force behind Beats by Dre, Robert's portfolio is a testament to a career built on innovation. Dive deep into his journey from Lunar Design to...

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