Discover valuable insights to create Iconic Products and Experiences!

The purpose of the 'Conversations with Roberto' podcast is to explore and discuss how we can create unique and innovative experiences.

The podcast aims to inspire and guide founders, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs by sharing insights, experiences, and knowledge. The goal is to help elevate your brand by designing iconic experiences and products, and to design for a better future.

We're in the business of designing the remarkable, not just the expected. It's through the art of engaging, curious conversations that we uncover the insights necessary to create products and experiences that don't just exist, but matter.

I do this because, as a designer, I feel responsible for creating better-designed, sustainable, high-quality products and experiences that truly matter."



Roberto Inderbitzin

Roberto is a design entrepreneur with an eclectic background, having lived in various countries such as Mexico, Switzerland, the USA, Portugal, Germany, and Sweden.
Currently based in Zurich, Switzerland, he has a background in Engineering, and Industrial Design and holds a Master of Design from the Zurich University of the Arts.

Besides the podcast, Roberto runs his design firm, REFRAME, which focuses on using design, branding, and technology to create sustainable and innovative solutions. As a designer dedicated to peak performance, his passion lies in leveraging design, human habits, and technology to drive innovation and create a better world.
He believes that design has the transformative power to effect change. His curiosity as a designer and entrepreneur has propelled him into other passions, including public speaking and teaching. He enjoys sharing his experiences and insights with others, inspiring, guiding, and motivating audiences worldwide.

You can connect on his LinkedIn here.

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